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Dr. Paul Frohna is a physician and scientist who is well known for his contributions in the field of clinical pharmacology and clinical research. For more than a decade, he has continuously worked to improve his expertise and knowledge in the following areas: transnational medicine, clinical research, clinical pharmacology, drug safety, clinical trial design, regenerative medicine and regulatory affairs. He also contributed a lot when it comes to therapeutic areas covering immunology, gastrointestinal disease, oncology, cardiometabolic disease, hematology and a whole lot more. Dr. Paul Frohna has also conducted several clinical trials in order to help patients suffering from various diseases.

In his previous work experience, Dr. Paul Frohna worked as the Head of Clinical Pharmacology at CV Therapeutics. He also became the Interim Vice President of the Clinical Development at FibroGen Inc. Right now, Dr. Paul Frohna is working as the Chief Medical Officer of ProFibrix, Inc. Aside from that, he is also the Principal of Frohna Biotech Consulting and the Advisory Board Member of at the International Symposium in Hematology.

Dr. Paul Frohna is widely popular in these fields. If you need to get information about his professional background then you can just access several websites. Most people would post even their personal information so that other people can reach them. With the use of the Internet, almost everyone is connected with each other.


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